Tiny Trotters

The best part of our job is giving our tiny kids their very first rides on a pony and watching them fall in love. We offer riding lessons to kids ages 3 and up and we offer a specific program to suit them. Our Tiny Trotters class is for kids ages 3-6 and it offers a 45 minute lesson which includes 15-20 mins on the ground learning about brushing, saddling and horse care, along with a 25-30 minute ride in the saddle. This class allows your child to become comfortable on the ground and in the saddle with our awesome lesson ponies! This class will run weekly on Wednesdays from 4:30-5:15. Cost is $100 for 4 lessons, to be used consecutively within the month.

For any more information please email Katie at westcottequestrian@gmail.com