Westcott’s Riding School

Every Horse has Something to Teach,
Every Rider has Something to Learn.

About our Riding School

At Westcott Equestrian we offer riding to all levels, from first time on a horse to first time at a horse show. We provide quality coaches and horses to make all your horse riding dreams come true. Come ride with us at Westcott!

Our lesson horses are picked to provide any rider with a safe experience through the paces and over their first jump. Our coaches work together to provide quality training sessions catered to each rider. Our wonderful staff ensure all horses care is top notch and they well looked after to ensure seamless running of our program.


*New Pricing In Effect April 1 2020*

Private/ Single lesson: $60 scheduled Monday-Friday daytime hours only.

Monthly Lesson Packages

All lesson packages are to be paid on the 1st of the month and get a 10% discount if on time. Any payment after the first is not discounted and is subject to a $5/day late fee.

Please settle up with Katie this month so we can get everyone on the same page starting April 1!!! Months that have a 5th day needs to be added to the package. IE: If you ride Thursday in April you will have 5 lessons, please pay accordingly and be courteous to check how many weeks/month.

1 day per week: $50 x 4 = $200 -10%= $180
2 days a week: $45 x 8 = $360 -10%= $324
3 days a week: $40 x 12 = $480 -10%= $432
5 days a week: $35 x 20 = $700 -10%= $630

Lease Fee: $100/month guarantees same horse weekly

Ground Lessons: $35 x 4 =$140 -10%= $126

Payment can be made by e-transfer auto deposit or pre authorized credit card on the first of the month. Cash and cheque must be paid for prior to the 1st of the month. Payment required before your lesson if its a private or single lesson.

Cancellation must be done 24 hours before schedule time.
Lesson fee will be charged if within the 24hrs.
No shows will be charge full lesson fee.

Late Policy
Please arrive 15mins prior to your lesson. 30 minutes if you have to get a horse tacked up.
If you are late you will forfeit your spot and be charge full lesson price. We are no longer accommodating people who show up late as its a huge interruption for the people who show up on time!

Expiry: Lesson Packages expire at the end of each month. All previously purchased packages including any sold at Windsor Stables will expire April 1st 2020. Please contact Katie to use up any lessons. Christmas Promotional Lesson packages will expire May 1 2020. If you wish to use a package past this date you can settle the difference between your bought package and our current package prices. IE if you bought promotional package of 4 lessons for $100, you can settle the difference of $100 and use your 4 lessons.

New for 2020

Westcott Equestrian will be switching to an online booking system to make for easier, faster and more accessible bookings in the future. Please check back for our Booking Button here.

With a new booking system comes organization!

We will be doing riders levels to better organize all of our riders.

Stay tuned for this news !

Booking Button is on trial until March 30. Feel free to add your contact info and book into your already confirmed time slot. ‘Classes’ are for regular group lessons. ‘Appointment’ is for private lessons or to request a time slot.

Westcott will be hosting ground lessons 1 day a week for those of you looking for a change in your horsemanship or just don’t fully understand the ground accepts of being around a horse.. ie tacking up, leading, stable management, tack care and for those more advanced; lunging, setting and walking courses, show prep, and show care. These ground lessons will be sold as a 4 pack and is to be used up monthly. Each lesson will go over 1 or 2 subjects pertaining to handling and care of the horse on the ground. If you miss one from a set you will have to catch up the following month. We will be running a beginner level and an advanced level. To be started April 2020 Topics can be view on Ground Lesson Page