*New Pricing In Effect Jan 1 2021*

Please settle up with Katie this month so we can get everyone on the same page starting Jan 1!!! Months that have a 5th day needs to be added to the package. IE: If you ride Thursday in April you will have 5 lessons, please pay accordingly and be courteous to check weeks/month.

Private/ Single lesson: $80 scheduled Monday-Thursday daytime hours only.

Monthly Lesson Packages

All lesson packages must be paid on the 1st of the month. Any payment after the first is not discounted and is subject to a $25 late fee. 

1 day per week: $60 x 4 = $240
2 days a week: $60 x 8 = $480
3 days a week: $60 x 12 = $720

Lease Fee: Half lease starts at $600 includes 3 lessons per week. Full lease $1200 4 lesson and 2 rides.

Ground Lessons: Please inquire

Payment can be made by e-transfer auto deposit or pre authorized credit card on the first of the month. Cash and cheque must be paid for prior to the 1st of the month. Payment required before your lesson if its a private or single lesson.

Expiry: Lesson Packages expire at the end of each month. All previously purchased packages including any sold at Windsor Stables will expire April 1st 2020. . Christmas Promotional Lesson packages will expire March 1st each year.