Our Horses

Here you will learn about our riding lesson horses, lease horses and our horses for sale. At Westcott, we take pride in providing the best lesson horses to suit all levels of riders so they can learn in a safe and productive environment.

India! Who doesn’t know India. She is the barn favourite and is the bread and butter to our lesson program. She is a super cool tb x welsh pony and has taught endless kids their first trot, canter and jumps.

Dakota is a 16.3hh thoroughbred mare. She is as sweet and as lovely as they come. Dakota can teach little beginners to jump, or help an advance student learn their leads and courses.

Calvin is a 14.1hh arabian/Morgan cross gelding. Calvin is our only gelding in our lesson string. He takes pride in teaching the kids how to jump with his lofty style over fences. Calvin loves doing lead lines lessons but can also challenge the riders who are more advanced.

Sama is a Quarter Horse mare. She is a super fun horse to ride as she has her own engine and could go all day. Sama is great for learning courses on.

Strabri is a 12hh strawberry roan pony mare. She is here to teach our littles how to jump as she is quite experienced in that department.

Gracie is a pony cross and is super useful in all areas of our lesson program. She is easy going for our beginners, but also knows which rider needs a challenge and always keeps the kids learning to become strong independent riders.

We are currently looking for a mid size horse to join our lesson program. Must be super safe, not too quick, able to jump, and able to carry a larger adult as well as little kids.

Please contact Westcott Equestrian for more info westcottequestrian@gmail.com